Reentry Council meeting of September 14, 2010

Reentry Council meeting of September 14, 2010

Meetings of the Reentry Council and its subcommittees are public, and all are welcome to attend.

This page contains information about all meetings of the Reentry Council and its subcommittees. The list of Upcoming Meetings to the right links to information about upcoming Council and subcommittee meetings. Past Meetings link to agendas, materials, minutes, audio recordings and other documents and media related to past meetings of the Council and its subcommittees. Listen to an audio recording or read minutes from a recent Reentry Council meeting to learn more about the issues the Council takes on.

At meetings of the full Reentry Council, the 21 members come together to discuss and act on a wide range of issues related to reentry in San Francisco. The meetings represent an unprecedented collaboration of diverse formerly incarcerated individuals and city/county, state, and federal departments working together to find solutions. For a complete list of the members of the Reentry Council, click here.

Subcommittee meetings offer members the opportunity to dig into the issue areas described below. Ideas and recommendations generated in the subcommittees are then brought before the full Reentry Council for its consideration.

Subcommittees of the Reentry Council

Subcommittee on Policy and Operational Practices Develop local policy and law, and shape state and federal policy and law to better reflect our shared vision.

Subcommittee on Support and Opportunities Develop, promote, and expand effective reentry programs, services, and systems. Support leadership development, education, and advocacy of individuals impacted.

Subcommittee on Assessment and Connections Improve assessments, referrals, and connections for individuals across systems and institutions, including appropriate connections between institutions and outside, and criminal justice and non-criminal justice entities.

Requesting Materials, Accommodation, or Translation

To request that meeting materials be FAXed or mailed to you, please call Jennifer Scaife at (415) 553-1593 during normal business hours. Another way to be notified of upcoming meetings is to subscribe to the almost weekly e-digest of the Reentry Council. To  sign up, please email

To obtain a disability-related modification or accommodation, including auxiliary aids or services, to participate in the meeting, please request such accommodation at least two business days before the meeting. Interpreters for languages other than English are available on request. Sign language interpreters are also available on request. To request such an accommodation or interpreter, please contact Jennifer Scaife at or (415) 553-1593 at least two business days before the meeting.

Submitting Written Comments

Persons who are unable to attend the public meeting may submit to the Reentry Council, by the time the proceedings begin, written comments regarding the subject of the meeting. These comments will be made a part of the official public record, and brought to the attention of the Reentry Council. Written comments should be submitted to: Jennifer Scaife, Reentry Division Director (A), Reentry Council/Adult Probation Department, 880 Bryant Street, Room 200, San Francisco, CA 94103, or via email at