25 Modern Shelves to Keep You Organized in Style | Shelving design, Wall  shelf decor, Wall shelves

Now is the time to create a “modern” impression in any room of your home. The existence of a storage cabinet or shelf is of course very important, you can store a wide selection of collections of your favorite items. It even includes your favorite books, so you can easily find them when you need them.

Not only the prioritization of functions, but also aesthetic elements that can provide comfort and a nice and modern impression are also important things to consider.

Here are some modern styles of bookshelves and cabinets or storage racks, which can make your interior more modern, elegant and always neat.

72-inch bookshelf in full metal

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Packed in a metal housing, without a backrest, this storage cabinet is perfect for placement in a corner of the room or any place that makes it easier to perform the function. Luxurious, modern and the impression of a very well organized room will emerge with the presence of this metal bookshelf.

60-inch bookshelf in tempered glass

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Bookcase made by Monarch Specialties Inc. This is perfect as a modern accent addition to your office space. But not a regular office, an alias for the home office that you design yourself at home, so that some of the tools and work documents you have are not scattered anywhere.

Ulysses Storage rack made of tempered glass

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Chrome accents with glass sides and 5 open shelves, perfect for storing your favorite items. This bookshelf in Ulysses tempered glass made by Monarch can give a modern and stylish impression.

Modern bookshelf with six shelves

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This dark brown / dark brown storage shelf looks very artistic due to its modern design. 6 shelves with backless design give a luxurious and artistic feel to any room in your home.

Denise Austin Home Mercia 4 shelf

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If you want an antique and modern impression, Home Mercia 4-shelf bookshelf is the right choice. 4 open shelves with their unique iron side design, this minimalist bookshelf model is not only unique but also has a very artistic model or shape.

Storage shelves: Elegant and modern contemporary furniture