Best Furniture Design Trends This Year 2020 | Indonesia Furniture Trend

The latest furniture designs should celebrate more shape, comfort and glamorous colors.

This year marks a new era with a celebration in interior design, especially when it comes to furniture design. From a more rounded shape to a quieter model and materials that may not have been used before. All designed for one purpose; make the home atmosphere more functional, comfortable and pleasant.

These are the furniture designs that are popular this year:

Classic furniture now

Curvy furniture is making a big comeback. At first glance it looks like a classic furniture model, but with a few updates. This multi-curved living room furniture should stimulate creative imagination, maximize the ability to relax and combine with the modern and contemporary feeling of space.

Now minimalist furniture

Minimalist design was soon replaced by so-called nu-minimalism or “global nomadism”. Some designers say this new growing trend has a huge impact on colors and materials. Leather, fur, wood, with earthy colors and interesting textures. Even with some models that are deliberately designed in soft monochrome color schemes.

Vintage glamor furniture

Most of you may already be familiar with eye-catching, glamorous models and looks, which are often shiny. And what is unusual this year? It’s a furniture model that will advance the concept of vintage glamor.

Glamor still means an appearance with many jewel tones, luxurious velvets, heavy carpets, tufted and padded patterns and also shiny metal. And today that glamor is conveyed with a softer vintage charm.

It’s subtle, but it’s interesting and it’s really fun. A shape and appearance of the “old world” with very rich and warm colors and a luxury that feels like gone. Everything is delivered in a personalized way, which makes it look more modern.

New neutrality

The well-known “gray is black” trend is expected to continue to gain popularity this year. Neutral colors will remain in trend for some time. However, there will be some new improvements.

The darker the tone, the faster it gets. In addition to the intensive use of white and / or beige, this “almost black” tone is ideally used as a color with a slight accent. creates a strong monochrome look, but in a calmer, softer way.

Custom made furniture

The concept of interior design is deviating more than ever from retail and the desire to live in a luxurious setting like a hotel. There is a much stronger need to adjust. Today’s need for furniture is to have an aesthetic shape and image that can help tell a story.


Not only is going green part of environmental trends, it’s also a fairly popular domestic trend.

Shades of green, almost always a favorite idea in the house. This is also confirmed by adding more houseplants to the room. The “transterior” trend is becoming more and more popular and makes a kind of “statement” in every room in a house.

The latest and greatest trends in furniture design this year