If your expansion joints are deteriorating, it is time to contact a professional for joint expansion repair in The Woodlands. There are several types of expansion joint repair materials available. Read on to learn about mastic, polyurethane, and fire-rated products. Once you decide on one, it is time to choose a contractor to complete the project.


If you need a cork expansion joint repair in The Woodlands, Texas, you’ve come to the right place. The self-expanding cork expandable joints are a lightweight, environmentally friendly alternative to cement or concrete. In addition, these joints are natural products that can withstand wide temperature variations. As a result, they are an excellent option for water treatment plants, bridges, and many other commercial and industrial applications.

When you have a leaking expansion joint, you don’t want to wait for it to heal. To avoid the risk of a leak, install a new expansion joint as soon as possible. You can hire The Driveway Company to install new expansion joints in your home. They’ll help you get back to work quickly. In addition, our cork expansion joint repair in The Woodlands will ensure that your property’s foundation is safe for many years to come.


Polyurethane is an excellent option if you want a reliable, long-lasting solution for your expansion joints. In the past, a polymer was used in joint expansion repair, but now you can find a high-quality alternative in polyurethane. Polyurethane is a flexible, moisture-curing material that creates a water-tight seal between various materials. As a result, it can be used to repair failures in expansion joints or extensive engineering problems.

In addition to sealing the expansion joints, this material also provides other benefits. It prevents water from leaking through the expansion joints, reducing the risk of erosion of soil beneath the slab. It also protects your investment by preventing weeds from growing in between the slabs. It also helps reduce the amount of debris accumulating in walkways, reducing the cleaning effort required. Polyurethane also blocks radon gas from entering your home.


For your safety, you should only use fire-rated expansion joints. These products are made to handle movement while remaining waterproof. The process for installing these products is similar to that for normal expansion joints. The difference lies in their installation. While fire-rated expansion joints are often considered more costly than ordinary expansion joints, they are still highly effective and safer. If you’re looking for a fire-rated expansion joint repair service in The Woodlands, look no further than a local contractor.


When a property needs to be fixed, mastic expansion joint repair in The Woodlands is the way to go. The local leader in concrete leveling and property concerns, The Driveway Company, is happy to handle the repair work for you. Here are a few tips for making the repair process run as smoothly as possible:

Sealing expansion joints prevents water seepage between slabs. It also prevents weeds from growing between the slabs. Mastic expansion joint repair will enhance the beauty of your property by reducing the amount of debris on walkways. It will also prevent the buildup of radon gas. The Driveway Company is the best mastic expansion joint repair company in The Woodlands.

Proper maintenance is vital to maintaining a concrete expansion joint. Regular inspections are essential in catching problems early and prolonging their life span. Removing debris from the expansion joint is necessary, as it encourages water to seep in and cause cracking. When you notice any cracks or heaving in the concrete, the expansion joint likely leaks. Make sure you have a joint expansion inspection in The Woodlands today to ensure your construction is in good shape.

Types of Expansion Joint Repair