7 Examples Of Windows Designed For Sitting

Due to the design of the window seat, the window can not only function as a ventilation duct and path, but also be set up as an additional room with various functions.

Home is not only a place to rest, but also a place where all personal and community activities can be carried out. Comfort at home is therefore the most important thing.

Everyone certainly has their own “favorite meeting point”. No exception in the house.

Areas like the corner of the room and / or the window can be great fun if they can be set up as a meeting point in the house. Whether as a reading corner or simply as a place to relax with a nice chair and pillow.

There are many places and corners in the house to be explored and decorated with a pleasant look and feel. One is the area near the window.

A window seat or placing a window seat or sofa can be one way of maintaining a special area in the house.

Window seating is a common design idea in modern homes these days. This area can be very exciting to a bibliophile aka book lover.

The most exciting thing for a bibliophile is to be in a room with a pile of books. For foodies who love to cook, the kitchen can be a favorite spot.

With serious design and furnishings, the area near the window, which initially looks normal, looks different and feels very functional and special.

Benefits of a window seat

Windows usually only serve as ventilation, support the air circulation process and provide natural light from outside. Today, however, the area around the window can be used as an additional area with a variety of different functions.

The idea of ​​a window seat as a relaxation room has many advantages. In addition to having more seating areas, the space will appear more functional as you can also decorate it with additional shelves, drawers or even a mattress to maximize comfort.

Placement near the window

Window seats can be designed and used in any room in the home. As long as the room has window openings, of course.

You can design window seats in the living room, family room, bedroom, study area, dining room, or even kitchen.

Design tips for window seats

From the beginning of planning, you should pay attention to the size of the window area and the desired seat height.

Adjust the size to the basic height of the window and the width of the window. Make sure there is enough space in the window area for the desired window seat design.

In addition, you can decorate the window seat with a chair or sofa nearby.

Complete with a couple of pillows, a utility cabinet, shelves and / or a closet or whatever you want. Adjust the color scheme and touch the interior style to match.

The design of a functional window seat can be a place to have tea and / or read a book that is a lot of fun and fun.

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